Halloween Candy for Kids with Braces

A lot of store bought Halloween candy can damage braces and retainers….. but kids don’t have to miss out on all the fun treats just because they are in Orthodontic treatment.  Following these simple steps can ensure that your child will still get a few sweet treats this Halloween:

•    Use your good judgment. Any candy bars or sweets which contain nuts or are tough to chew must be avoided.

•    Any sweets containing caramel, popcorn, toffee, licorice and jelly beans should all be avoided.

•    Read ingredients very carefully. When it doubt, skip it. That cheap bag of store bought candy can quickly turn into an expensive visit to the orthodontist.

•    Try and select treats with a soft consistency. Peanut butter cups are acceptable as long as the nuts in the peanut butter are crushed very small. Candy bars aren’t completely off-limits as long as the treat doesn’t contain nuts or caramel e.g. Aero, Jersey Milk, Kit Kat etc.

•    Candy apples must be avoided.  Instead, remove the skin from an apple and slice it very fine. Select a sweet fruit dip or chocolate sauce and use that for dipping instead of sticky caramel.

•    If you are throwing a Halloween Party, bake cupcakes or cakes with sweet orange frosting.

•    Make sure your kids brush and floss well after eating their treats!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

via Halloween Candy for Kids with Braces.

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